Fast Facts
Visiting Your Legislator?

•Call ahead and make an appointment.

•Be on time.

•Be brief 10-15 minutes.

•Respect their schedules.

•Take a one-page outline or short written fact sheet to remind legislators about your visit and concerns.


Reports / Fact Sheets / Bill Tracking Sheets / Agendas / Minutes

The most recent fact sheets from LCPD committees are included on this page. The Bill Tracking Sheet is an up-to-date summary of disability-related bills being considered by the Utah State Legislature. It also includes LCPD action taken on each of the bills. Current year legislative fact sheets and bill tracking sheets become available approximately one week before the legislative session begins in January of every year. LCPD meeting agendas are also listed on this page


     2017 General Session Final report revised 3-28-17.pdf
     2016 General Session Legislative Report revised 4-15-16.pdf
     2015 General Session Legislative Report revised 4-3-15.pdf
     2014 General Session Legislative Report (4-3-14).pdf
     2013 General Session Legislative Report (3-18-13).pdf

Fact Sheets (2018)

There are no files.

Bill Tracking Sheets (2018)

There are no files.

Meeting Agendas

     Agenda 2-13-2017.pdf
     Agenda 1-30-17.pdf
     9-7-17 agenda.pdf
     5.4.17 agenda.pdf
     2.6.17 agenda.pdf
     2.27.17 agenda.pdf


     LCPD Meeting 2 3 14.pdf
     LCPD Meeting 11 7 13.pdf
     LCPD Meeting 10 3 13.pdf
     LCPD 09-03-15.pdf

Fact Sheets (2017)

There are no files.